So, my person entered this contest run by the Bissell peoples, called “Totally Floored by my Pet.”  Guess what she had to do?  She had to tell them about a time when she was “totally floored” by my awesomeness.  Since I am, in fact, an awesome dog, she had plenty to choose from.  In fact, I’m not sure how she narrowed it down to just one.

Click here to read more abut the contest and what she won – including a donation to the New Leash on Life rescue organization.

So here’s the story:

I have been an only dog my whole life, so when my person adopted another dog (my little sister, Delta Dawn, who will be the subject of many further blog posts) she wasn’t sure how I’d react to it.  Would I be jealous?  Anxious?  Territorial over my home or my person?

Well, I could have told her she needn’t worry.  After all, we’ve long had an understanding that she can pet other dogs and I can lick other faces – we are secure enough in our relationship for that!  And although I can see where she might have thought it would be different in my own home, really I am not threatened.  I know I am the love of her life.  And that her heart is big enough to share.

So one night she’s giving us our nighttime treat, and she tells us both to sit.  Well, I sat right away, but Delta kept jumping up to try and get the treat.  Honestly, a year and a half old, and no one had ever taught her to sit!  Scandalous.

So, from my perfect sitting position, I gently raised my paw, and placed it in the center of Delta’s back, guiding her into a sit.  My mom was stunned; I guess that’s when she knew I was not only okay with having a sibling, but I was also going to be a kick-ass big sister.

Okay, I have to admit, I was partly motivated by the fact that until Delta sat, I wasn’t going to get my treat either!  But still, it was pretty cool.

And there you have it, folks!  The story about me that won a contest!