No, really, thanks.  Thanks to you, my person spent all night playing with her new toy instead of playing with me.  Thanks to you, all the dog hair I so carefully placed all over my house is no longer there.  Thanks to you, all my toys got put up on a shelf while my person used that big, noisy machine on the floors, the rugs, the couch, my dog bed…well, you get the idea!  Thanks a lot!

Okay, seriously, my mom does want to say thanks, and since she translates for me (and has control of the keyboard) I have to let her do it.  She entered a contest called “Totally Floored by my Pet,” and she won a Bissell Total Floors Pet vacuum, and it just arrived.  Naturally, she had to try it out.  And she was impressed with the cool attachments and all that stuff that people like but dogs, frankly, just don’t care about.

Now, what we BOTH want to thank them for, is that in addition to that big, loud machine, the Bissell folks are going to make a $500 contribution to the New Leash on Life rescue organization.  My mom picked them to receive the prize for two reasons: First, they do great work helping to find forever homes for needy dogs.  Secondly, they run the Lend a Paw therapy dog program, and that’s where my person and I volunteer as a therapy dog team!

Just for the record – we didn’t have to write this as a condition of the contest, nor are we being paid for it.  We are just plain grateful.  And we want to recognize the work that Bissell is doing to help animal rescue organizations.  You can read all about it at the Bissell Pet Foundation page.

So, thanks from both of us!  Click here to read the story about me that won the contest!