What happens at BlogPaws…

Belle’s top five tips for dogs attending
Blog Paws – the awesome pet blogger conference!

Hey, I couldn’t resist the title – given where BlogPaws will be next year (Vegas, baby!) – but seriously, my person and I just returned from BlogPaws and I thought this would be a great opportunity to give you dogs out there the scoop, so you’ll know what to expect when you join us next year (in Vegas, baby!)

  • Don’t be shy!

The first thing I did when we arrived at the Sheraton was to hop right up and greet some peoples.  This is by far the best thing about BlogPaws – meeting all the wonderful peoples!  So don’t be shy, get right in there, say hello and lick some faces!  This is about the most dog-friendly group of peoples you will ever meet, and they are all there because they want to know you.  So give them what they want.

By the way, when I say I hopped right up, I mean I hopped right up.  Literally.  Right on the PetSmart Charities display table.  I knocked over the whole display.  Twice!  And what do you think they did about it?  They laughed, gave me lots of attention, and let me lick their faces.  These are good peoples.

Belle on the PetSmart Charities table

I greeted the PetSmart peoples as soon as I got to BlogPaws!

  • Rest when you can

Make no mistake about it, BlogPaws is exhausting!  Between the travel time, the jet lag, the events, and the constant face-licking, I was one tired puppy by Sunday.  So you have to get your rest whenever you can.

Belle sneaking a snooze

Workshops are the perfect place for a quick (pardon the expression) cat-nap

I find that during the lectures is the perfect time to sneak a little nap.  It’s okay – my person takes the notes.  That’s why I bring her!

  • Be prepared for SWAG

Make sure your person leaves plenty of room in the suitcase for the fabulous treats you will take home from BlogPaws!  But if they don’t, no worries – you’ll be able to ship it home, they make it really easy. I got yummy dog treats, awesome toys, some kitty treats for my friends back home, and even a couple t-shirts for my person.

  • Be ready for your close-up

If you, like me, are a little camera-shy, I have three words for you: GET OVER IT!  You will need to channel your inner diva for the weekend, because peoples tend to go a little camera-crazy at BlogPaws.  You will be photographed, videotaped, and you might even get to take some video yourself (look forward to my own Sony Action-Cam footage, coming later this week).  Anyway, remember to smile for the camera.  You will treasure the memories forever.

Belle and Terry getting crazy with the photo-op

Lights, camera, action!

  • Keep in touch!

You will make wonderful friends at BlogPaws.  Don’t forget to keep in touch with them after you get home!  My motto?  I never forget a face I have licked.  And I really mean it!

Jenifer Whiston and Belle

Enjoying some face time with my good friend Jenifer