Disclaimer: This is an un-sponsored post, meaning I did not receive compensation to write it. Unless you count the treats they gave me in the store, which I will admit were quite yummy.

Protein for Pets: how I struck gold by accident

So my person and I were out and about, as we often are, and she stopped into a local shopping center to pick up a caffeinated beverage, as she often does. And lo and behold, we saw a small storefront that we had never seen before labeled “Protein for Pets.” This clearly warranted further investigation, so we decided to have a look around.

Here’s what it looked like. The paw print in the name was a very nice touch.

Protein for Pets storefront

Little did we know what an awesome find we had found! Inside were a plethora (I know how to use the thesaurus) of healthy, tasty foods and happy, friendly peoples. It doesn’t get better than that!

Not only that, but they let me explore the store freely and showed me around like a VID (very important dog) – which, of course, I am. I’d like to share with you a virtual tour of my new favorite neighborhood store.

Happy pets, healthy planet

That’s the mission statement of Protein for Pets. This means a whole bunch of good things:

♦ All their food products are protein-based, and wheat-, soy- and corn-free. Yup, everything they sell.

♦ They arrange products by food type…so if your dog loves chicken, go to the chicken aisle. But if your dog has sensitivities and needs other protein sources, go to the exotic aisle. Easy peasy.

♦ Their own products are ethically sourced and are packaged eco-friendly-ly (it’s a word now).

♦ They are a real neighborhood pet store. They even have community dog walks every Saturday morning! The peoples there know their stuff, and they help you find your stuff.

♦ They will special order stuff too! They deliver. Same-day. To your place of livingness. For free!

Protein for Pets Poultry and Meat aisle
Protein for Pets Fish and Exotic aisle

They are uber-friendly.

And I know about uber-friendly.

When I came in, I was immediately greeted by the incredible peoples who work there. “As you can tell, we don’t like dogs at all,” they said, as they crouched down to my level, petted me, and allowed me to lick their faces.

They offered excellent treats to me and my sister. There was a bowl of their own “Naked” food on the floor available for taste-testing; and of course, an always-filled water bowl ready and waiting.

They allowed me to run around the store and explore to my heart’s content. I sniffed every corner, fascinated by the wonderful scents and colorful toys.

And did I mention I licked a lot of faces? This is sooooo my kind of store. These folks are passionate about dogs!

Here are some pictures from my grand tour:

Inspecting the No-Hide Chews at Protein for Pets
Making friends at Protein for Pets
Greeting customers at Protein for Pets
Wall of toys and accessories at Protein for Pets
Water break at Protein for Pets
Honest Kitchen and other great brands at Protein for Pets

Just like all self-respecting dogs, they go Naked.

Okay, not really. But their food does!

Their own brand of food is called “Naked” because it is stripped of fillers and packaged to the bare minimum. It is available in Kibble, Raw Frozen and Raw Freeze Dried varieties so there is something for everyone. It’s made in the USA from high-quality ingredients and sourced as locally as possible, without hormones or antibiotics. And sold in bulk to give you exactly the amount you need. Oh, and 100% money-back guaranteed.

It’s like they actually care about the well being of animals and the planet…oh, wait…that’s because they do.

And that’s how I struck gold by accident.

Protein for Pets has fourteen Southern California locations – take a look here to see if there is a P4P store near you.

Maybe we can live here someday...

I’m gonna try and talk my person into moving in here…