Disclaimer: No compensation was received from any of the following companies in exchange for this post. Well, okay, I got to lick some faces, which was pretty cool.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And it’s just around the corner!

I love it because people are always singing about me: Jingle Belles, Silver Belles, Carol of the Belles…it’s like I have a constant serenade going on in my honor. As it should be. Then there are the presents! If you’re like me, you probably planned out exactly what to get everyone on your list, way in advance, and did all your shopping already so you are all set for the big day and have no stress whatsoever about it. Right?

Yeah, okay, me neither. But guess what? It’s not too late to get some great holiday gifts for the dogs in your life – and their peoples! In fact, I have compiled a list of some of the coolest stuff I know…and I know some pretty cool stuff. Check out these pawsome gift ideas!

Lucy Pet Products gift baskets

Lucy Pet Products: Gifts that give back!

I was lucky enough to meet the wonderful people from Lucy Pet Products at the awesome BarkWorld Pet Expo last month. Not to mention, their SpokesDog, Surfin’ Jack.

Surfin' Jack
Lucy Pet Products makes really great shampoos and leave-in conditioners for pups of all shapes and sizes (and cats, too, if you like that sort of thing). They come in yummy scents like Blueberry, Apple, Lavender and Coconut. And they are made with natural ingredients that are great for dogs with dry skin, allergies, anxiety and dull coats. Okay, truth be told, I personally prefer the smell of mud. But my person disagrees with me on this issue, and she always wins. So if I have to have a bath, I’d like to do it with Lucy’s Products. And I got some of their baby powder leave-in conditioner at BarkWorld, and even I have to admit, it smells good. Plus, I get petted a lot more when I smell like baby powder than when I smell like mud.
I personally prefer the smell of mud…but I get petted a lot more when I smell like baby powder.

Best of all, these are Products With a Cause! All the proceeds from Lucy Pet Products support the Lucy Pet Foundation mission of providing free or low-cost spay/neuter, adoption, rescue and vet services in disadvantaged areas. You can pay it forward with your purchase to help pets and the people who love them in need. Check out the great gift options at lucypetproducts.com. Prices range from $12.99 to $169.99. Free shipping on orders over $50!
Project Blue Collar Logo

Project Blue Collar supports the Underdog – rescues like me!

Project Blue Collar is more than a great place for gifts. It is a global movement to celebrate rescue dogs and unite the people who care about them. Speaking as a rescue dog, with a rescued little sister, I highly approve of this mission! The peoples at Project Blue Collar realized that there was no way to identify rescue dogs or hear their stories – and that people who don’t know a rescue dog may not have any idea what wonderful companions we can be. So they came up with the Blue Collar.

Project Blue Collar - the blue collar for rescue dogs
Blue Collars are an awesome conversation starter to help people share the stories of their rescue dogs, and encourage more people to adopt, not shop, when they are looking for their new BFF.

They have all kinds of cool stuff, like leashes, clothing, jewelry, and of course the blue collar! You can even get a matching wristband for your person. And my personal favorite, the “Mutt Butt” leash holder! Sorry not sorry – I love them! Become a member of Project Blue Collar and save 10% on your first order. Get free shipping on orders over $40…and 20% of your order is donated to a rescue group. In summary: Get great gifts. Support and celebrate rescue dogs. What’s not to like? Visit www.projectbluecollar.com.
Project Blue Collar Mutt Butt leash hooks
Sunny-Dog Ink logo

So many great things at Sunny-Dog Ink!

First of all, if there are children on your list, you don’t want to miss the award-winning book Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover.
Don't Judge a Book by its Cover (cover art)
Don't Judge a Book by its Cover interior page
Mary-Alice and her friends like pretty clothes and hanging with the in-crowd, but when she requests a puppy for her birthday, her parents decide the fluffy one with the pink bow in the pet store may not be the best choice. Instead Mary-Alice ends up at the local Animal Shelter where she not only saves the life of a loving older dog, but learns that once you look beyond the plain cover of things, you can be treated to the true joys that lie underneath!

So what did Mary-Alice do when she got her new puppy home?

She ordered a Pet First-Aid Kit from Sunny-Dog Ink, of course! Now, I have never gotten in any trouble or had any medical emergencies…said no dog, ever! The best way to deal with trouble is to be prepared – and these kits will keep you prepared. There are kits for home, travel, hiking…there’s even one for cats, if you like that sort of thing. Us dogs live in the moment, and we rely on our peoples to think about the future. With these kits, you can help a pet parent prepare for the unknown. Their dog doesn’t even have to know! Check out www.sunnydogink.com for all this and more!

Fusion Gates Logo

Fusion Gates: So pretty, I wouldn’t even destroy them! (probably)

Here’s another BarkWorld find – I met the awesome peoples from Fusion Gates and became fast friends. I even posed next to one of their beautiful creations. Check it out!

Belle with Fusion Gate
Okay, I know you’re saying, my what a beautiful dog! And it’s true. But also check out the dog gate behind me! It’s so pretty. And sturdy. And did I mention it’s pretty? A while back, I had a little issue involving a dog gate. My person brought home this monstrosity that had been advertised to her as a “durable, chew-proof dog gate.” She put this thing up in our home. I was not pleased. It was like I was in jail…thick white bars, depressing, ugly and, quite frankly, insulting.
You can read the whole story in my book (shameless plug!) but suffice it to say, I put an end to that “chew-proof” gate in record time. Now, if my person were to bring one of these Fusion Gates home, I would react quite differently. They are stylish, they don’t look or feel like a jail cell, and they appeal to the classy dog that I am. My person points out that I like to roll in poo. This is irrelevant. I am classy, darn it! I need a home that reflects my true self, and that self is overflowing with class. Take a look at some of the gorgeous, interchangeable, original art screens of Fusion Gates:
Fusion Gates Urban Quilt design
Fusion Gates Dexter with Moravian Star Design
Fusion Gates Cool Winter Design
See how pretty? And they are durable, lightweight, and easy to use! These are gates that don’t say “keep out!” – they say “welcome to my home.” The perfect gift for pet parents with stylish canines like me. Check them out at www.fusiongates.com.
Engineered for home safety and designed as a work of art, the Fusion Gate moves the pet & baby gate category from vertical bars and barricades to stylish architectural boundaries by fusing together high-performance with personal style.
Donna Potter

Product Designer, Fusion Gates

Celebrity Canine Couture

Celebrity Canine Couture: Party like a rock star, and look like one too!

Now, I am just fine with my usual look of sleek black fur, but there are times when I would like to dress it up a bit. You know, special events and stuff. And I know some pooches who dress up just for a Tuesday night! They would LOVE the handmade, original designs and luxurious fabrics in these clothes.
Check me out! I am a total badass!

Belle in Harley Davidson vest
I got to try on one of these awesome outfits at the Pet Winter Wonderland expo in Los Angeles. I looked so cool! And there are all sorts of outfits – everything from rock star sass to pearly elegance.
Celebrity Canine Couture music lover
Celebrity Canine Couture Rock Star
Celebrity Canine Couture Ivory Elegance
These spectacular duds are made in the USA, have been featured on “Beverly Hills Housewives,” and I have it on good authority that they will be seen in the Celebrity Lounge at this year’s Academy Awards! Not too shabby. Best of all, founder Christine Litteral is a devoted mom of four rescue pups, and part of every sale gives back to help save more of the wonderful dogs that desperately need homes. Learn more about her and give the gift of fashion at www.celebritycaninecouture.com.
Earth Heart logo

Earth Heart: The Power of Essential Oils

If you’re like me, you could occasionally use a little help keeping your cool. I know what you’re thinking: but Belle, you’re a calm, sweet, mellow dog! Well, usually, yes…

…but you’ve never seen me when my person leaves the house without me! This causes me to…lose my composure a little. My person is laughing at my use of the phrase “a little.” Now, some of you might not have that particular reaction. But what about when a thunderstorm hits? Or when you are traveling to a new, strange place? You see? Everyone gets anxious sometimes. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a natural product that could help with that?
Earth Heart products are safe, affordable, and effective essential oil remedies that help dogs live happier, healthier lives.

Earth Heart mists can help with phobias and stress, skin problems and insect bites, and even travel sickness! They are all natural, made in the USA, and easy to use. A great gift idea for pet parents – they may even want to use these on themselves. And that’s okay – they work on people too! Find them at www.earthheartinc.com

Happy Holidays! And have a spectacular New Year!

Thank you for letting me share my gift ideas – I love to share my favorite things with you, and hope it helps you find just the right thing for the pet parents on your list. I’d love to hear from you too – like, what is the coolest gift you’ve ever gotten, or ever given? Chime in below!