It’s good to be a blogger.

I didn’t know how good it was until my person took me to my first conference – BlogPaws, the gathering place for pet bloggers!

I’ll be writing lots about this great weekend in Salt Lake City (embarrassing admission here, I thought it was Salt LICK City until my person told me I was mistaken) – but let me start by listing my list of the top ten coolest things about it.

Tons of dog toys for the pups at BlogPaws

Look at all the toys!

  1. We got to see celebrities: Tillman, the fabulous Skateboarding Dog and Norman the Scooter Dog.
  2. Lots of SWAG!  Toys, snacks, and other goodies everywhere – enough to share with my friends back home.
  3. I got to lick so many faces!
  4. I met my first Ferret.  Surprisingly, they are quite nice creatures.
  5. Great food!  I got to try lots of cool stuff.
  6. I got to lick so many faces!!!Belle on the Dog Pacer doggie treadmill
  7. I got to walk on a doggie treadmill.  I don’t know why my person thinks it’s boring to do that…I had a great time!
  8. I got to play fetch with my person in between lectures at the indoor dog park – I think we should have one of these at home.  You know, for rainy days…or late nights…or pretty much anytime you have an irresistable urge to play fetch.
  9. I got to attend all the lectures.  Left the note-taking to my person, though…Making friends at a BlogPaws breakout session
    …I was too busy making friends!
  10. In case I haven’t mentioned it yet…I got to lick sooooooo many faces!!!!!Licking faces at BlogPaws


Giving dog kisses to my new friend Jo Singer

Blog Paws Rocks!