About the translator

Belle the dog licking her person's face

Terry Kaye and Belle

Terry Kaye is a professional writer, actress and singer whose career has taken her across the United States, Canada and Europe.  Her short story The Witch Who Hated Halloween was published in the anthology The Ultimate Halloween (I Books,2001), and her non-fiction writing has been featured in national blogs and trade publications including The Huffington Post, PA Professional magazine and Guaranteedhealthcare.org.

Terry is a life-long dog lover and has always known that she “speaks dog,” but never had her own canine companion until her fiancé showed up on her doorstep with Belle – a little black fluffball with a white goatee. Belle’s incredibly outgoing nature made her the perfect candidate to become a therapy dog, so Terry and Belle became certified through the Lend A Paw program.  Now the rescue dog is herself a rescuer, bringing joy to children and seniors in the Los Angeles area.

Want to know more?  Terry has her own website at https://www.theterrykaye.com.  She’d love to see you there!