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Belle puppy picture

Belle is a mixed-breed dog who was rescued from the streets of south Los Angeles.  At the tender age of six weeks, she met her mom (translator Terry Kaye), and began to figure out her place in the world.

While Belle’s exact heritage remains a mystery, best guesses are that she is part Labrador Retriever, part Border Collie, and part…other stuff.  Her determination to lick faces, and her long darting tongue, has led some to suggest that she is part snake; it has also earned her the nickname “Mrs. Kisses.”

Belle has the intelligence and ingenuity of Snoopy, the sweetness of cotton candy, and the destructive capability (when left alone with the Sunday paper) of the Tasmanian Devil.  Ninety-nine percent love and one percent attitude, she knows what she likes and she believes in speaking her mind.  And speak it she does – eloquently, and with a wry sense of humor.  Her voice is distinctive: unquestionably Dog, and inimitably Belle.

Belle flying on Jet Blue

A little older, a little wiser…and still…who could resist that face?