I try to be a good sister.

Really, I do.

I try to set a good example.

I am a Caretaker, and it is up to me to raise my sister well. I taught her how to sit and not to pee in the house. And I protect her. If a big dog messes with her at the park, I am right there to set them straight. After all, she is MY dog. Which is why this story is so upsetting to me.

Where did I go wrong?

If I was ever clear about anything, it was that Cats are Big and Scary and not to be messed with. So when my Aunt Kendra decided to foster four little kittens, I was less than thrilled, but I trusted that Delta would have learned enough by now to give them plenty of room.

So what do you think she did? She marched right on up to them! Despite my best efforts to show her the proper decorum around cats, she thought she could actually start up a conversation with these creatures. Like that could ever happen…

So what’s a big sister to do?

Well, if you’re me, you think of all the ways you could get your message across that you haven’t tried yet. And you come up with video. Maybe, I thought, a little public service announcement would be helpful here. So I put together this educational video, and I am hoping that it will help set my little sister straight on the subject once and for all. Because I really don’t want to see her get mauled by a crazy cat-beast. If you have similar problems with a dog who is in denial about the dangers of cats, please feel free to share.